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Private Retreat, March 2015

At Merroir

Braving the chill for a fantastic dinner at Merroir

Morning on Carter’s Creek, and another day begins in Virginia’s Northern Neck. Twenty-seven years ago, when we moved to this region, I’d never heard of the Northern Neck. (I’d never heard of the Delmarva either, but that’s another story.) Weathermen would mention it, and I’m turning my head sideways, looking at the map. “Wonder which part they’re talking about.” Still not sure how the name originated. Now I’m familiar with a spot in the Northern Neck, if not the entire peninsula.

The Northern Neck is the finger of land formed by the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers as they both seek to empty into the Chesapeake. Carter’s Creek is a Rappahannock tributary.

A year or so ago, my writer friend, Edie Hemingway, and her husband found and bought a home on Carter’s Creek. Edie likes to invite small groups of close friends to write and share.

For a few days this week, I was privileged to share inspiration with Edie, Mary Bowman-Kruhm, and Lois Szymanski. Sarah Sullivan, who lives relatively close by, joined us one afternoon. We wrote. We discussed. We critiqued.

Group shot

Out on the screened porch

I got so much done. It fantastic just for clearing my head and gaining focus. I know for a fact two of my manuscripts are so much better because of their comments. And it was a joy to hear my friends’ works in progress.

I highly recommend spending time with writers.