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Why Should We Read?

Where else can the reader get the benefits provided by a book?reading

  • You can learn a lot from reading. Of course, even reading is not perfect. I shamelessly laugh when contestants on Jeopardy! mispronounce words, making it obvious they’ve only read about the subject. But combined with discussion, etc., you can’t beat the level of knowledge.
  • On the other hand, reading brings to light vocabulary the reader might not learn from everyday use. And the readers learn the words in context.
  • Reading helps develop memory. To follow a book, you have to remember details about the characters and plot. Each new detail forms new synapses in the brain.
  • Trying to figure out what the characters do next develops analytical tools.
  • The need to concentrate helps concentration and focus.
  • Better reading leads to better writing.
  • Reading is generally good for the brain. Many studies have shown that the type of stimulation reading provides helps prevent or delay diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Reading can relieve stress.
  • Reading free entertainment. Unless you want to wait and pay $15 for the movie. I guarantee the book is better. And, by the way, not every story has been made into a movie.

And these don’t even take pure enjoyment into account.

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