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Happy Black Friday!

on November 29, 2013

Okay. Do we all know what we’re thankful for now? Good. That’s a relief.lemming2

Now, about Black Friday. Toward the top of my list of dislikes is mindless crowds. I also don’t go to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. If we’re missing an ingredient, we’re missing an ingredient. I guarantee we won’t starve anyway.

Admittedly, I have never been to a Black Friday sale, so I may not know what I’m missing. But I never took LSD either, so the same applies there. I envision the sales as something like the Hunger Games for crazed shoppers. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Maybe I need to turn this into a children’s book. Seems like a vicious topic, but, then again, so did the Hunger Games. And that worked.

Little girl has three dollars to spend at the department store. They are supposed to have two-dollar sweaters and are giving away turkeys to the first 50 customers. She waits in line all through Thanksgiving Day and meets the craziest shoppers in the world. One lady is an ultimate shopper who feeds her family of six with coupons. One is a homeless mother, waiting with her two toddlers because she heard about the free turkeys. One is a young man who just likes to beat the system. Etc.

Not bad, but still not a picture book.

Snappy is a lemming whose lives alone in a burrow near the sea. He’s heard rumors that his family plans to jump off a nearby cliff when they migrate. He doesn’t believe it, but, oh, the rewards that await him if he survives! A warmer burrow and plenty of food. Do lemmings really commit suicide? Let’s hope not.

Did I mention I’m doing Picture Book Idea Month and that it’s hard to turn off the idea machine? When life hands you lemons (or is that lemmings), make lemming-ade.

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