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April 9 Musings

on April 9, 2013

MessengerThis past week, I made time to read Messenger, the third book in the Giver series and started Son, the fourth and final (so far) installment. I’m struck by the very imaginative way Lois Lowry treats each of these books. In The Giver, she created a world and continues to visit that world in each volume.  But each volume gives a very different perspective and is written from its own point of view. Most series I’ve read are told more or less chronologically, but these books overlap in the telling.

Messenger focuses on the now-young-adult Matty, or Matt from Gathering Blue. Matty lives with the Seer, a blind man who also happens to be Kira’s father. Their village is known for helping others and accepting all who want to move there. Something is terribly wrong in Village and the resident s vote to build a wall to keep out newcomers. So, it’s a race to move Kira to Village and figure out what’s wrong.

As usual, I adore the characters and the themes.



Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to conduct my life in the midst of chaos. I know. We all live with chaos, but some periods are more chaotic than others. Last week, Edie Hemingway and I worked on getting the reins of the MD/DE/WV SCBWI region switched from her to me and Sue Peters. It’s truly amazing how many details there are just in this little task. Bank accounts. Email accounts, etc. Slow, but we’re getting there.

My brother, Tom, and some of his family were in town over the weekend. His stepdaughter, Chelsey, had been living close to us, and they are moving away. Sad for us, but happy for her mother, Renee, who misses her grandsons.  I just wish they’d lived close enough to us that we could have seen them more. So we had a very chaotic Sunday.

This coming weekend, Edie and I will be attending the 21st Annual Poconos Retreat for the Eastern PA region. I’ve run out of fingers counting why this is a good thing. I get to work on my own writing all weekend. Someone else is in charge of everything and I get to see how another region keeps from going crazy, or whether they do. This is being held at the Barn at Boyd’s Mill, Honesdale, PA, a new facility built by the Highlights Foundation. Yes, the Highlights that you read in the dentist’s office when you were eight. The facility looks absolutely gorgeous! And I get to meet some people I’ve only known on the internet. Darcy Pattison, for whose website I write many reviews, will be conducting the workshop section Edie and I will attend.

I’m going to be working on a total re-write of my first novel, Megan’s Solution. I’m determined she will find a home.

I don’t even want to talk about the IRS.


So wish me luck with all the pieces of my life, writing and otherwise.

2 responses to “April 9 Musings

  1. ediehemingway says:

    Wishing you luck, Sue, and knowing you’ll do a great job at all you take on!

    • bonniejdoerr says:

      Sue, I’m very envious of your forthcoming time with Edie at the Highlights Foundation’s new facility. Attending any event there is energizing. Enjoy! Give my best to Edie.

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