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How the Oysters Saved the Bay Review

on February 4, 2013

How the Oysters Saved the BayHow the Oyster Saved the Bay
Written and illustrated by Jeff Dombeck

In a fun and colorful way, Dombeck conveys the message that ecological conservation can be as simple as helping the oysters. Two oysters, named Chester and Meredith, see that the Chesapeake Bay is in trouble and decide to clean the water. The only way the underwater grasses (submerged aquatic vegetation) will get enough light to grow is if the water is clear enough. The grasses are needed for hiding places and as food. Chester and Meredith enlist the help of all the oysters in the Bay. The illustrations are realistic and accurate as well as vibrant. He depicts numerous kinds of fish, birds, and animals. As the oysters clean the water, young children learn a lot about ecosystems and the Bay.

Reviewed by Sue Poduska
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., March 2013 release
Picture book, Outdoors and nature.
E-book, 38 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4283-7

2 responses to “How the Oysters Saved the Bay Review

  1. Sue, I didn’t know you had a website! It looks great. I sent the URL to Steve King, who wrote the Rotary grant for the Oltorotua well/sanitation project because he has a granddaughter and is currently working on another Rotary grant to restore oysters to the Bay. He feels they are crucial to Bay ecology and humans have depleted what is needed to keep the Bay healthy. Nice review, nice blog.

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