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Harriet Tubman review

on January 17, 2013

Harriet TubmanI Am Harriet Tubman
By Grace Norwich
Illustrated by Ute Simon
Far more the usual one sentence in a history book, Harriet Tubman was an interesting person who lived an exciting life. Born a slave, Harriet had to be strong despite her slight build and incidents where she was sick or injured. The author gives a realistic account of what it must have been like for Harriet. The reader learns why she was so determined to help so many people and how this translated into freedom and rights for others. She fought for anyone who was not getting what they deserved, including women. The vivid drawings add to the feel of being with Harriet in her journey through life. In the wrap up, the author not only summarizes the salient points, but she lists places to visit and resources to use for finding out more.
Reviewed by Sue Poduska
Scholastic Inc., January 2013 release
Early reader, History.
E-book, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-0-545-52044-7

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