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Picture Book Idea Month – Gone, But Not Forgotten

on December 2, 2012

piboidmo12winnerlargeYay! I’m a winner! I made it through November with thirty new ideas on my picture book list.

I am so sorry to see Picture Book Idea Month leave, I want to try to keep the idea-a-day concept alive for a while longer. I started a journal (on paper) of all the ideas for November, so let’s say I’ll at least fill the journal with daily entries. (By the way, the blank journal was provided to me by a dear friend, Lois Szymanski.)

I also hope to keep contact with the wonderful people who participated in in PiBoIdMo. What a great group of writers and illustrators! Hope to see more of them in person at SCBWI conferences and the like. I know I’ll be at all MD/DE/WV events. I will most likely be in LA next August and at some Mid Atlantic and Pennsylvania events.

Meanwhile, I plan to work on turning some of these ideas into workable manuscripts and get my current manuscripts out into the world. Partly, I need to work on not being so easily distracted. Life will happen whether or not I’m working on stories. (Translation: More hours of Butt In Chair.)

Here are musings from the last week of PiBoIdMo 2012.

Sun. Nov. 25 – Most kids think, if my mom were somebody famous, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Would you get tired of the travel and eating desserts all the time? Or might it go the other way – you have to be perfect all the time because of the paparazzi?

Mon. Nov. 26 – It would be fun to follow a goldfinch through a year of changes. Or maybe some animal such as a weasel whose coat changes. But the migrations of the find might make the illustrations more interesting.

Tues. Nov. 27 – Talk about a mash up! This is about a (future) space-traveling kid who helps maintain her family’s spaceship. I had a lot more thoughts about this one, but I don’t want to give away everything.

With the light visible at the end of the tunnel, the ideas are coming fast and loose, but I refuse to let them overwhelm me. I AM making notes on stray thoughts, though, so I don’t lose anything.

Wed. Nov. 28 – Inspired by a fellow PiBoIdMo sufferer, Jim Hill, and the old, old joke about God, I’m thinking what if Santa Claus were black … and female. Could be fun.

Thurs. Nov. 29 – I’m not sure whether this will be nonfiction or creative nonfiction. There was an article on Tuesday about a woman, Sue Haig, a wildlife ecologist who has spent three decades trying to figure out where the piping plovers spend the winter months. Their numbers are dwindling, so it’s important for saving the little birds. Where have all the plovers gone?

Fri. Nov. 30 – I still need to come up with the perfect name for my character because it all centers around a character who feels like people never quite get her name right.

And that’s thirty. I know not all of them are workable, but I do feel all of them have possibilities – even if they only spark a different idea.  Thank you, once again to Tara Lazar, all her guest bloggers, and to the wonderful writers and illustrators who were part of this challenge. It was a month of perfect inspiration.

One response to “Picture Book Idea Month – Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. You’re always full of amazing ideas, Sue! I can’t wait to read these books 🙂 *Hugs!*

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