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Even More Picture Book Ideas

on November 18, 2012

Another productive week on the idea front. Of course, I’ve been doing a lot to keep it going. Tara Lazar’s ( wonderful guest bloggers have all been just that – wonderful. And inspiring.  The level of sharing and inspiration on the Facebook page has been nothing short of spectacular.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out all the challenges out there, you’re really missing something. So much going on.  Stop here if you don’t want the details.

Sun. Nov. 11 – As this is the traditional Veterans’ Day, or Armistice Day, or (as I like to call it) the REAL Veterans’ Day, I wanted a somewhat military theme. What about armies in the wild? Obviously, army ants. Social structure in wolf packs. Geese flying in formation. I have more, but I don’t like to give out all my ideas.

Mon. Nov. 12 – What might happen if a square peg insisted on fitting into a round hole? Might keep trying until it finds the right hole.

Tues. Nov. 13 – Feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of information I’ve been receiving recently, I’m reminded that children are often overwhelmed as well. What about a kid who drags around a 50-pound bookbag, never finishes homework until midnight, has soccer practice, plays an instrument, and babysits. I’d go on strike if I were him.

Wed. Nov. 14 – Inspired  by a random word generator. Completely misunderstood ghost, vampire, etc. Might learn to understand each other.

Thurs. Nov. 15 – Halfway through the challenge! I was told to think about what I was passionate about as a child. Reading. Animals, especially cute fuzzy animals. Well-developed characters I could learn to love. (This is not an observation from childhood, but rather something I figured out as an adult. This is also what draws me to certain television shows that may not seem to fit in with other things I know about myself.) Family. OK, that’s a start. Let’s see what goes on in the mind of a family pet. I bet it would sound a lot like me.

Fri. Nov. 16 – A chipmunk tale of hoarding and acorns stolen by the local squirrel bully. Chipmunk community bands together to help. Inspired by newspaper article about bumper acorn crop.

Sat. Nov.17 – What if Superman was a real person? Where was the planet Krypton before it exploded? Astronomer  Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium recently located  a red dwarf star he thinks may have had inhabitable planets. Tyson is highlighted in a recent Superman comic. Fact meets fiction. Again.


A moment to plug the Spielberg movie, Lincoln. Excellent acting, characterizations, makeup, and sets. Well worth seeing. Who would have thought Lincoln was a human being?

One response to “Even More Picture Book Ideas

  1. Glad you have come up with so many ideas. Keep heading for the finish line, Sue!

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